Pastoral Council for 2013:

Fr. Kevin Boucher, Fr. Chris Markman, Duane J. Koble, Terry Thorp, Melissa Mehlisch, Tom Hanson, Ryan Roshau, Lydia Carlson, Anne Stoll, Pat Kautzman, Brenda Lang, Joe Miranowski, Eric Krueger, Anne Moynihan, Wendy Paulson, Dale Craft, Laura Alderman, and Don Schott.


The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requires all private and public schools to identify Asbestos Containing Building Materials (ACBM) in their school buildings and take appropriate actions to control the release of asbestos fibers. Upon confirmation of the presence of ACBM, an Asbestos Management Plan was developed for Nativity Church of Fargo – dba- Nativity Elementary School by an asbestos management planner, accredited by the State of North Dakota. The Asbestos Management Plan includes a description of the measures currently being taken to ensure that the ACBM remaining in our school building are maintained in a condition that will not pose a threat to the health of our students and employees. The plan describes past response actions taken to abate ACBM, as well as response actions planned for the future. Information is provided on the periodical monitoring of the condition of ACBM remaining in our school buildings through semiannual and triennial re- inspections. In addition, asbestos awareness training is provided for all maintenance and custodial staff to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. A copy of the Asbestos Management Plan is available for review in the office of Mr. Duane J. Koble, Nativity Church of Fargo, Director of Administration. Please direct all inquiries regarding the Asbestos Management Plan to Mr. Koble at telephone 701-232-2414 x 134 or e-mail at  Thank you.

Parish Council Members Updated

The parish council members for 2011 are:

Fr. Kevin Boucher, Fr. Tom Feltman, Duane J. Koble, Jean Hannig, Mykal Sonstelie, Michael O’Leary, Brenda Lang, Leon Senn, Greg Schmalz, Lisa Suda, Bonnie Faller, Joe Miranwoski, Laura Alderman, Ed Schwind, Wendy Paulson, Dale Craft, Scott Krabbenhoft, Anne Moynihan, Don Schott