Ticket to Heaven: A Community Building Retreat

“Ticket to Heaven, a Community Building Retreat”
Are you interested in attending the “Ticket to Heaven” retreat September 5 (6—9pm), 6 (8am—4:30 pm), and 7 (1pm—5pm). Fr. Joel Aquino will be the presenter for this Community Building Retreat. Please register at the table in the Gathering Space at Nativity.

What is Ticket to Heaven? Ticket to Heaven is a retreat experience that reminds us that Jesus is the Ticket to Heaven. We are reminded that we are all part of the body of Christ and that we all have purpose, a purpose that is interconnected with the purpose of the body of Christ and most importantly, with the head of that body—Jesus.

This retreat is the natural progression of the preparations that we have done here at Nativity, whether studying 33 Days to Morning Glory or any of the other Gaitley books or being a part of Christ Renews His Parish or part of the Charismatic Prayer Group. This is a continuation of the community building we enjoyed with the Divine Mercy Tour.
Come to join with us on our Faith Journey. Help us become as Jesus asked: “That all be one.”


Nativity Catholic Church