Are Some Spiritual Practices Better than Others?

In a sense, yes, some practices are better than others, but it all depends on how you want to measure which is better. It is not a matter of external power or superstition, i. e., which one “works” best to achieve a desired wish. Rather, spiritual practices are best measured by the changes they bring about in the individual. My prayer, fasting, novenas, sacramental practice, good works and acts of charity open my mind and heart to the grace of God. I become more in tune with the workings of grace in my life.
The best measure is that a spiritual work or practice help me grow in faith, change my outlook, deepen my understanding or open me to grace. That may change at different times in my life. So, for instance, when we pick a Lenten practice, we need to pick something that really makes a difference, not the thing “we always do.” If we take our spiritual life seriously, then we will do those things that challenge, educate and inspire us.

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