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Eucharist: Learn more about Gathering


Introduction to understanding Gathering at the Mass

Every time we gather to pray together,
we are being invited to become part of something larger than ourselves—
part of a community, part of the body of Christ.
From many directions, through many doors, we come into one place.
From our individual prayer, we are called into prayer together.
We stand together. We make the sign of the cross together.
We sing together. Through words, gestures, and music, we say yes,
I want to be part of this community of faith.
The unity of our prayer makes visible, today, in this place,
the body of Christ, living and active in the world.
Why is there so much singing at Mass?
Because when we stand and sing together,
we acknowledge that we are not the audience, those who merely listen.
We are a community of believers, the body of Christ,
called to take an active, not a passive role in the prayer of the Church.
The Church teaches that there is nothing like singing
for expressing unity and helping to strengthen it.
And so we sing during the entrance of the ministers;
we sing as we are sprinkled with baptismal water;
we sing the Gloria, the ancient prayer that begins with a song of angels,
as we give glory to God on high, and pray for peace on earth.
Our prayer together is like a symphony.
Like a symphony, it needs all kinds of instruments:
loud and soft, high and low, young and old, nasal and throaty—
all kinds of instruments, given to us by God.
Each and every voice is the one God simply has to have
to make this symphony complete.
So, we are tuned and ready to rejoice and sing to the Lord.
Let us rise!
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