Does it really matter where we worship?

If we share the same faith as other Christians, does it really matter where we worship or what church we go to? After all, it is the same God.

Assuming that faith is our relationship with God, let’s make this same argument with a different type of relationship. If you believe in marriage, and share that same belief with others, then it should not matter whom you are married to. After all, every marriage has the same obligations. Obviously, this does not make sense. How we express our love-or faith-has an effect on our relationship. If a young man is in love with a woman, saying “I love you” leaves a particular impression and affects the relationship differently than if he had written it in a card, or sang a song.
The same can be said of faith. How we express our faith (religion) has an effect on our faith (relationship with God), as does the community with whom we worship. Their beliefs influence how they see the world around them. Some Christian churches, lacking a central set of beliefs or a teaching authority, have lost a sense of what they believe. How we worship and what we teach is as important as our end goal of giving honor and praise to God. But we should not confuse the two. Each one affects the other.

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