Faith Formation sessions begin Sept. 14

Opening Night of Faith Formation begins at 6:30 PM in the worship space of Nativity Church, Wednesday, Sept 14.

All parents and children in Grades 1-8 will gather to meet their new catechists (teachers) and learn more about what lies ahead in the Year of Mercy.

Our parish uses the “team” approach when teaching our children. No one teacher is left alone in a classroom. We support and encourage each other as we share our Catholic faith.

How blessed we are to have those in our parish living out their baptismal call. By word and example they show others how to grow in their faith.

Our elementary team includes the following:
Gr. 1 Casinda Langseth and Becky Elbert
Gr. 1 Mindi Bessler and Amy Hoepfner
Gr. 2 Jamie Farmen and Mandy Nystrom
Gr. 2 Hannah Keogh and Ann Lucy
Gr. 3 Anne Stoll and Mindy Olson
Gr. 3 Laura Rach and Betsy Schulz
Gr. 4 Gayle Noraker and Duane Noraker
Gr. 4 Cindy Noack
Gr. 5 Nancy Michelsen and Jason Schwengler

Child-care: Lisa Christianson and Dawn Hayes
Ed Tupa – Guest Catechist – Rosary and The Liturgy
Steph Christianson: Circle of Grace (Safe Environment)

Please call Kathy at 232-2414 or for more information.


August is the month designated for signing up for Faith Formation sessions for children/youth in grades 1-12.

You will received a $10.00 discount on your registration fees if you sign up during the month of August. After August 31st the fee for registration goes from $40.00 to $50.00.

No child/youth will be denied faith formation due to financial difficulties. Please contact Kathy Bourdon, Director of Faith Formation, to discuss payment options.

You may download a registration form on this website under the tab Faith Formation Registration or stop by Nativity Church and pick up a registration form in Mercy Hall.

Sign up today! Faith Formation sessions begin on Wednesday, September 14, 2016.

Kathy Bourdon,, 232-2414