On Liturgy and Life beginning Dec. 6

“No one of us is born a Christian, no one of us came out of the womb already a Christian.”  So how are we made Christian?

The liturgy, the Mass, reminds us how “fiercely” God loves us, especially in sending us Jesus Christ.

In three 30 minute DVD segments, Fr. J Glenn Murray energetically addresses such issues as table fellowship and ritual, then walks us through the order of the Mass, explaining how each part calls for our “full, conscious, active participation” in God’s work here on earth.

Join us for all three segments as one of our long time parishioners, Mr. Ed Tupa,  leads us through  how the Mass is connected to our lives and to our call to be Christians.

Dec. 6        Part I: Liturgy and Our Lives  6:40-7:40 PM Nativity Church

Feb. 7       Part II: Table Fellowship  6:40-7:40 PM   Nativity Church

April 4      Part III:  Walk through The Mass 6:40-7:40  Nativity Church

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