Spring Salad Fundraiser a Success!

Our 2012 luncheon fundraiser raised $1800.00 for your Faith Formation programs at Nativity Church.

We want to thank all who helped in any way.    


Spring Salad Buffet Workers

For the past ten years we have had marvelous volunteer kitchen workers, dining room servers, set-up and take down crews, advertising and decorating teams.  This beautiful luncheon continues to thrive because of your much needed help.  We could not do it without you.   We wish to thank those who came to work the day of our parish Spring Salad Buffet:  Joanie Gronso, Lisa Suda, Alice Such, Don Such, Alice Prokop, Bev Moran, Pat Callens, Nancy Fenwick, Joann Peterson, Jamie Zastoupil (advertising) and Bette Bossart/Rhonda Ness (decorating duo).  Thanks to Mr. Markwardt and the 4th graders of Nativity school and staff members, Bev Nesler, Chris Steffan, Cathy Schwinden, Renelda Hushka, Sr. Sharon, Desiree Wilson and Fr. Tom.


Salad Makers

This year we had countless “salad makers” who really outdid themselves.  All spring salads were so varied in ingredients and so delicious!  Thank you for sharing them with us.  Some salads miraculously appeared the day of our buffet.  If you are one of our “secret angels” we thank you too! 

Loretta Schumacher, Bev Nesler, Wendy Paulson, Rita Lindemoen, Theresa Lothspeich, Sue Hoffart, Anne Stoll, Deidre Bale, Fedelis Sivertson, Duane and Joann Koble, Fr. Kevin, Rae Colliton, Lillian Meyer, Claudia Pramhus, Jan Kester, Rosemary Thomas, Alice Such, Sheila Gullickson, Joanie Gronso, Mike O’Leary, Susan McCullough, Brenda Lang, Terri Dahl, Bev Moran, Fran Graalum, Marlene Hoffart, Naomi West, Steph Christianson, Dawn Doetkott, Paula Schmalz, Sandy Conzemius, Kelly Eldridge, Janet Tillisch, Laura O’Rourke, Lori Mehring, Tammy Lynk, Eleanor Schuchard, Janet Feist, Carol Gustad, Alice Prokop, Ginny Kelsh, Pat Callens, Margaret Bitz, Mavis Bradbury, Faye Eagleson, Julie Doom, Cheryl Link, Ann Lucy, Lisa Suda, Bobbie McGarvey, Edie Beste, Jennifer Swetand, Lisa Durensky, Swapna Rodrigues, Mary Lavelle, Cheryl Heinen, Marge Cagley, Leanne Magnotto, Betty Harlow, Eileen Erbes, Anna Welder, Alice Schumacher, and Rhoda Koudela. 


Silent Basket Creations

A special thank you for those who used their creative juices in making baskets for our silent auction. This was a first year event and very successful!   We wish we knew all of the names of those who brought baskets. They were all so beautiful.  Those with names attached included:  Eileen Erbes, Sharon Wolf, Pat Callens, Leola Daul, Tammy and Alaina Lynk, Nancy Fenwick, Geraldine Cariveau , Steph Christianson and the elementary Faith Formation classrooms. 


Thanks again to the people of Nativity. You are truly living out your baptismal call: “If you want to be the greatest you must serve.” 


Kathy Bourdon  




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