The Treasure


We have good news! We have opened our treasure chest here at Nativity and will bring brand new faith jewels to our parish. Our religious curriculum for Faith Formation, Grades 1-3,  is entitled, “Finding God; Our Response to God’s Gifts”. What a wonderful title. Because that is our mission, no matter what age we are. God always calls us first. God always makes the first move. We listen and are called to respond to God’s call. We are all about finding God- all of the time.

This new series, designed by parents, for parents, fully engages our children on the jewels of the Catholic Church. We have been looking at this series for a long time and are so pleased that we can offer our children the very best of what is out there. Our team of catechists are supported every step of the way as they lead the children through active learning on the full teachings of the Catholic Church. Beautiful art, drama and song bring Bible stories to life for children. Also included in each lesson are practical suggestions on how to bring faith home to everyday family life.

Parents, (and I mean both mothers and fathers), now is the time to say YES. Will YOU help open our treasure chest and share the jewels of our faith with our children? Don’t wait until it’s too late and our children have grown up and gone on their own way. Our children need you now.

  • Find a friend and come back to teach together
  • Pick the class level you wish to team teach
  • Junior or Senior High youth make awesome team teachers
  • Husband and wives together make a great team
  • Grandparents have a special impact on small children
  • Give back to your parish and grow as an adult Catholic
  • Live out your baptismal call to serve God and others!

Call Kathy today at 232-2414 or

Exciting news about knowing and growing in faith

IMG_0158  The new Finding God: Our Response to God’s Gifts is a faith formation program that fosters a lifelong relationship with God by engaging children (Grades 1-3) in the full and authentic teachings of the Catholic Church.   

With Finding God, children’s faith comes alive through:

  • Dramatized Scripture stories that bring Bible stories to life
  • Exploring Faith Through Art, which engages children with their senses
  • Opportunities for prayer that are repeated, relevant, and that encourage children into a lifelong habit of praying
  • Online games and activities that help children reinforce and review concepts of faith their way.

Now is the time to register your children for Faith Formation sessions and sacrament preparation sessions.   Contact the parish office at 232-2414 or stop by and register.   Registration forms are also available online at  Look under Faith Formation Registration.

Children and youth of the parish meet on Wednesday evenings from September through April.  Elementary and junior high sessions are from 6:30-7:30 pm.  Senior High sessions are from 7:45 -9:00 pm.