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Praise to the Parents!

I was at a city-wide meeting of catechists and religious educators earlier this month when one of the directors approached me and commented on the participation of parents in the Faith Formation process at Nativity.  She asked how Nativity does it?  How do we keep the parents involved in their child’s faith formation?  She wondered […]

Entrusted to Your Care

Sound familiar? These are the words spoken when your child was baptized.  Your child has been “entrusted to your care”.  You promised to raise your child up in the ways of the faith.  Now, your help is needed.  Faith Formation sessions for your child begins on Wednesday, September 21.  Preparation sessions for team catechists (teachers) […]

EarlyBird registration for Faith Formation

From now until September 1, 2011 you can save $10.00 on each registration for your child’s Faith Formation sessions. The Faith Formation registration fee of  $50.00 for the 2011-2012 calendar will be cut to $40.00 if you register early.  Also the Sacrament preparation fee, (Grades 2 & 3) is cut from $35.00 to $25.00 if the registration is […]