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EarlyBird registration for Faith Formation

From now until September 1, 2011 you can save $10.00 on each registration for your child’s Faith Formation sessions. The Faith Formation registration fee of  $50.00 for the 2011-2012 calendar will be cut to $40.00 if you register early.  Also the Sacrament preparation fee, (Grades 2 & 3) is cut from $35.00 to $25.00 if the registration is […]

A Springtime Prayer

Ever-renewing and energizing Creator, Come, stir in my dormant spiritual limbs. Wake up my tired prayer. Revive my weary efforts of care. Sing hope into my discouragement. Wash my dusty, drab attitude with the cleansing rains of your vision. Go deep to my roots and penetrate my faith with the vibrancy of your grace. Shake […]