Communion to the Sick

Communion to the Home-bound:

If you are home-bound member of Nativity parish, we ask you to notify the parish. We can have someone visit you and bring you communion.

Communion to the Hospital:

Our area Catholic Churches have Eucharistic Ministers who bring Communion to those staying in the hospital. Due to HIPA regulations, we ask that when you register at the hospital, tell them you are Catholic and that you are a Nativity Parishioner, otherwise we will not be informed that you have been hospitalized. A priest or pastoral minister from the parish would like to visit you at this time.
Sr. Sharon Houle
Pastoral Minister / Parish Nurse Coordinator
701-232-2414 ext. 126

Are you interested in becoming a Eucharistic Minister of the Sick?
     If you are interested in getting involved in a parish ministry, this may be the one for you.  It only involves  one day a month for approximately 30 minutes to an hour.  Preparation is very simple:  one hour to go over the procedure, obtain a photo ID, and two session of internship.  The internship consists of accompanying a current Eucharistic Minister to learn the procedure.   You also need to become an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion by signing the Request form.
      Those who are sick are so grateful to have the opportunity to receive Jesus while hospitalized.  It is a personal gratifying experience.  We bring communion to only the patients on Sanford South.
    If you are interested please contact Sister Sharon Houle, 701-232-2412, ext. 126 or email:


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