Automatic Withdrawals

You can create an account and schedule automatic withdrawals from a bank account or credit card here.  Or If you wish to have Nativity set up your automatic Sunday offering withdrawal from an account, please print off the form below and return it to the parish office or mail it to the attention of Margaret Zeren. (No emails please for security reasons.)

  • Directions:
    • Option #1 – Using your computer, fill in the form with your information. Then print the completed form, sign it, and return it to the parish office. (For security reasons, do not email your form to us.)
    • Option #2 – You can print out the form and fill in the appropriate information. After signing it, return the form to the parish office. (For security reasons, do not email your form to us.)
  • Stewardship Enrollment Form 2017 (Adobe Document / Separate Window)

3 Replies to “Automatic Withdrawals”

    • Frank LaLonde

      We have had many people on autowithdraw tells us to stop sending envelopes, so we stopped sending envelopes to those on auto withdrawal. Our secretary has added you to the list of those who get envelopes and you will start getting envelopes quarterly. She also will be mailing you a set of envelopes you can use in the interim.

      – Frank LaLonde

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