Parish Council

Tuesday – May 16, 2017
6:30 p.m. – Nazareth Room
Council Members Present: Fr. Kevin Boucher, Melissa Mehlisch, Ryan Roshau, Fr. Reese Weber

Council Members Not Present Eric Krueger, Laurie McKeever
Evening Prayer – Divine Mercy Chaplet
Ryan Roshau called the meeting to order. Minutes were approved by all present.
Parish Faith Life Report: The Evangelization group is going to do the St. Paul Street
Evangelization. They are looking to have a booth at the street fair.
Also, Men of the Cross have been meeting regularly. They are using the cross as a conversation
piece. So far there are over 80 men in the group.
Health Advisory Commission Report: The commission has set up the Brunch and Learn Topics for the
new year. The subjects range from Substance Abuse to Nutrition/Gut Health.

A. Filling Open Pastoral Council Openings/Pastoral Council structure
Deb Boyer has told Father Kevin that she is interested in helping out on the Parish Council
B. Long Range Plan Review
This discussion has been tabled for now. The commissions will have to look at their future plans

New Business
A. Parish Mission
Our parish mission for 2017 will be around October 8-10 tentatively. The tag line for the mission
is “the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker and everybody else.” Basically, it is carrying
spirituality to the workplace.
Nativity Parish has an endowment called the Fr. Mueller Endowment that was established
for Liturgy and Social Justice purposes. These funds can be used for Parish Mission educational
B. Parish Council
Father Kevin mentioned that the parish mission gives the parish council the opportunity to go in a
new direction. We could use the parish council to research possible parish mission topics and
speakers. They would also be responsible for spending the endowment funds every year on the parish
mission. The available funds have been about $5,000 a year
Council watched Episode 7 of the 2nd Greatest Story Ever Told video series
NEXT MEETING: Family Outing/Cookout– Tuesday, August 29, 2017 @ 6:30 at the Rectory

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