Advent unfolding at Nativity Parish

Advent is unfolding at Nativity:  You are invited to the following two Wednesday evenings at Nativity Church.

December 6     6:30-7:40 PM   Liturgy and Our Lives     Nativity Church

Tonight parents will explore why The Eucharist (The Mass) is the source and summit of all we do.  Mr. Ed Tupa will lead parents through a short video on “Why We Go to Mass” (Part 1) and how this affects our lives as Catholic Christians.

December 13     6:30-7:40 PM   Be Born In Us Today   Nativity Church

Tonight parents will Listen to the Word of God.  Pray.  Meditate.  Sing.  This beautiful pattern leads us through 14 reflections on the infancy narratives of Matthew and Luke.  Our hope is for you to pursue a prayerful path toward Christmas in joy, awe and mystery.

Contact person Kathy Bourdon at 232-2414 or

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