How about you? Will you consider being a 2019-2020 elementary team teacher in Faith Formation? The children of Nativity Parish need your guidance and insight in finding out more about Jesus. Grade level classes are held approximately three Wednesdays a month for one hour; small classes and a solid curriculum make sharing faith fun and rewarding.

Imagine the impact you could give another child by reading stories from the Bible and teaching a child how to hear the Word of God. Maybe the child whose life you touch could be drawn closer to God. Why not consider investing in your own happiness by offering a helping hand as a mentor and guide to our younger generation.

Team teacher preparation sessions are scheduled for August 28 and September 4 at Nativity Church. Please consider joining our Faith Formation team.

Give Kathy a call at 232-2414 or e-mail her at kathyb@nativitycatholicchurch.net

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