Here Comes Everybody!

Family Faith Formation …parents and parish work together.


“From the moment of birth, religious education begins for the children of God.  It is in the crib that the awakening and growth of faith must begin, in the child’s room, in his home, in the yard, in the neighborhood, among his young friends, and among the adult people who surround him in a tight little circle of love. 


Parents obviously do not wait until their children enter the first grade to teach them how to walk, how to eat, how to speak, how to relate and play with each other.  Nor should they wait until age six to help them discover God’s love.  


It is through parent-child relationship and interaction that an individual’s religious values and attitudes are developed in the early years.  The child identifies with his parents by adopting their attitudes, their values and their vision of life – both explicitly stated and implicitly contained in their approach toward life.


My point is this: religious education should be returned to where it belongs, to the family.  It is from the family that it will extend and expand.  From this strong base, as the world of the child extends to the Christian community, to school, to neighborhood, and nation, our children will be able to mature into adult Christians.  They can then really enter into a Christian commitment to God and their fellow man.”


Dr. Christiane Brusselmans, from her book A Parents’ Guide: Religion for little children.

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