Partners in Building the Kingdom

At Nativity we intentionally use the name “Faith Formation” because we believe faith is a lived thing and that it is formed by our experiences.  Faith is not so much a packet of information to be passively received, as it  is the invitation to live and grow as God’s sons and daughters.  As parents you are the first and primary teachers of your children.  The life that you share in your home and the hunger to be part of our faith community at liturgy on Sundays are the sparks that fan the flame of their children’s faith.  It has been rightly said that “faith is not so much taught as it is caught!”

We first must believe that the role of the household, the domestic church, is on par with our efforts.  The households in which our children live already are the force that most forms them.  This is true of their religion as well as of other aspects of their life values, dreams, and life styles.  We know our schools cannot fully shape young people and we also know an hour a week in our religion classes simply can’t compete with the rest of life.

What’s happening in most of the household of our parish actually can contribute tremendously to the formation of the children who live there.  A “natural” teaching of faith occurs in your home every day.  All you have to do is name it!

When parents and children express their love and affection for each other with notes, hugs, and other signs of kindness, faith is being formed. When family members care for each other when sick, notice when someone is lonely, affirm each other for jobs well done and pay attention to the poor of the world, faith is being formed.  When recycling and caring for the environment, faith is being formed.  When deciding as a family on what contribution to give to the parish or the poor, faith is being formed.  When coming together to participate in Sunday liturgies or visiting a sick relative, faith is being formed. 

So welcome…..we are honored to be a partner with you in the building of the kingdom. 

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