Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Children’s Liturgy of the Word is a powerful,  age appropriate prayer experience for our young children (ages 4-9).  It is a time to celebrate God’s presence in song and prayer and shared stories throughout the liturgical year. There will be a dismissal of children and their team of leaders to the chapel immediately after the opening prayer at liturgy. The children will Break Open the Word of God as the leaders simply explain  the Gospel through example and story with questions such as, “Who was in the story? Who did you like best? Who do you feel sympathy for? During the offertory the children will return to the main assembly and join their parents in the pew.

This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to personally share their faith with those children who are part of their lives. Make a habit of talking to your child on the way home about what God (or Jesus) was saying in the gospel story. How do we as a family respond to God’s Word? When parents share their faith it draws children into the heart of the Christian community and invites us all to grow.

We encourage your children to participate on Sundays, October through April,  when they attend the 9:15 AM liturgy at Nativity Church.   NO registration and NO fees for Children’s Liturgy of the Word. 

Adults, parents and high schoolers, please consider helping.     If we find four teams of two you would only be scheduled one Sunday a month.  Why not reach out to offer a helping hand, using what you’ve learned to be a mentor and guide to our youngest generation.  Why not consider investing in your happiness and give back your gifts to our children. Could be the children whose lives you touch may be drawn closer to God!

Notice:  As of August 2020 we have suspended Children’s Liturgy of the Word until further notice.    

Kathy Bourdon, 232-2414


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