Elementary Curriculum

Nativity Faith Formation believes in Parent Partnership…..Parents and Parish working together!

In fact the definition of Faith Formation is a lifelong, continuing process which takes place in a community of believers.  For the young child this first community is his/her family. The child absorbs the culture and the faith of the family; he/she shares in his/her family’s world vision and values. The role of the parent then, in socializing the child and communicating the faith is fundamental. The church calls the parents role as irreplaceable!

Our curriculum for this year in Grades 1-8 is entitled “Alive in Christ” published by Our Sunday Visitor.  We are excited with this new series along with the entire Fargo Diocese.   Here is the curriculum at a glance:

  • Begins each lesson with Scripture
  • Focuses on a foundational topic about the Catholic Faith
  • Key Catholic themes are developed and deepened each year
  • Thought-provoking questions ignite enthusiasm
  • Saints and holy people are presented as models of the faith
  • Involves families with practical, hands-on resources to keep them engaged
  • On-line resources at osvcurriculum.com/faithathome