Funeral Planning

Area Funeral Homes

Below is a list of area funeral homes that have had funerals at Nativity. This list is provided for your information and is not an endorsement of any particular funeral home.

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Funeral Pre-Planning

We offer the following information for those who want to pre-plan their own funeral, and for those who are planning the funeral of a loved one. For more information contact:  Sr.Sharon Houle 232-2414 ext 126.

Funeral Planning Guide

We offer many ways for family and friends to take an active role in the funeral vigil and liturgy. This guide is designed to outline the various aspects of the vigil and funeral liturgies, so that you can write down your thoughts and ideas. Our Coordinator of Liturgy and Music, Brent Herman will work with you to finalize the details for the liturgy. Click Here to Download Guide)

Funeral Planning Workbook

We offer this workbook to help you choose readings and music for the vigil and funeral liturgies.