Holy Thursday Offertory Collection

 The Holy Thursday Offertory Collection will be split between Down Home, a new non-profit in our community, and the Capuchin missionaries working in Papua New Guinea for earthquake relief.

Down Home‘s mission is to furnish homes for families transitioning from homelessness into permanent housing. They work with local homeless shelters and community agencies to select families who qualify for their services and then help turn an empty space into a home to embrace and empower families to ultimately break the cycle of homelessness. To learn more about this organization go to www.down-home.org, to Facebook, or contact them directly at 701-212-9783.

On February 26, the Papua New Guinea highlands were struck by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake, causing over 100 deaths and countless more injuries. On March 6, they were again hit by a 6.7 magnitude earthquake, causing more deaths and injuries, leaving as many as 17,000 displaced from their homes and affecting over 143,000 people. Capuchin missionaries have served there since 1955 and have built some of the country’s first schools, hospitals and medical clinics.

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