Planned Giving Opportunities:

In a partnership effort to continue the mission and vision of Nativity, we are working with the Diocese of Fargo and Catholic Development Foundation. Your sharing of your Stewardship with our community will make your charitable plans and dreams come true.

An endowment is a Perpetual Fund.

It is created by charitable donations in the form of cash, stocks, mutual funds, real property, or other personal property given to a foundation, to support a specific goal or program. The foundation ensures all donated funds will be used for their intended purposes.

How does an endowment work?

The practice of investing the principal, rather than spending it, creates a perpetual fund. Most of an endowment’s annual earnings are distributed to the designated benefactors or programs. Endowments provide a “forever giving” fund source.

Why support an Endowment?

Endowments offer a solid base of funds that will be available now and in the future. They continue forever since only the interest is spent allowing the fund to continue in perpetuity. Donors receive tax benefits in the form of charitable deductions. An endowment can allow the donor to honor or memorialize a loved one, parish, or diocesan cause as a permanent philanthropic legacy.

For More Information:

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