New Look

You might have noticed that our website has a new look. While it is not a colorful as our old theme, the new theme allows staff to be more creative with how we display articles on the website. This in turn should provide you with a easier to read website.

Currently we are in the process of converting each ministry area over to the new theme. So, you may see a mix of the new an old theme as you switch between ministry areas. Fortunately, the conversion should be complete in a couple more days.

Another part of our website “make-over” will be the¬†integration of the “Electronic Voice” into our main website. Our regular writers for the Electronic Voice (Chris Steffan, Cathy Schwinden, and Fr. Kevin Boucher) will post their articles on this website: Chris will post her articles under “Adult Faith Life”; Cathy under “Social Justice”; and Fr. Kevin under “Liturgy”.

It will take some time for all of us to adjust to this change, and we greatly appreciate your patience as we make this transition. If you have an questions or comments, please contact our webmaster, Frank LaLonde, by using the contact tab.

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