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This video is a little dated. We designed it for individuals who were interested in the Catholic faith. We are currently working on a newer, updated version. Despite it’s age, the video still reflects the values of Nativity Church.

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  1. Danaca Johnson

    Where on your website do you talk about Jesus Christ and what he means to your church. Also, where do you have your stated beliefs?

  2. Frank LaLonde

    We encourage you to visit the rest of our website, especially in the Adult Faith Life, Young Adult, and Electronic Voice areas. You will find videos and articles that relate to how we as Catholics live out our faith and how we put the words of Jesus Christ into action.

    If you are searching for a detailed explanation of the Roman Catholic faith, we suggest you visit – The website is devoted to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The Catechism is a document to educate Catholics and Non-Catholics on how our faith relates to the bible and the teachings of Jesus.

  3. Danika Boever

    I was on young disciples with Fr Christopher Markman who I heard was assigned to your parish, how can I get ahold of him?

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