Staff Directory

Fr. Bill Gerlach

701-232-2414 x 123

Picture of Jim Mckenna

Jim McKinstra

Social Justice
701-232-2414 x136

Kathy Bourdon

Faith Formation
701-232-2414 x124

Fr. Joe Barrett

Parochial Vicar
701-232-2414 x137

Bev Nesler

701-232-2414 x129

Chris Steffan

Adult Faith Life
701-232-2414 x 127

Brent Hermans

Liturgy / Youth/ Young Adults
701-232-2414 x125

Picture of Jim Mckenna

Jim McKinstra

Pastoral Ministry
701-232-2414 x136

Deacon Bruce Dahl

Margaret Zeren

701-232-2414 x135

Frank LaLonde

Building Manager
701-232-2414 x 120

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