Nativity News


“Nativity News” is a weekly email sent by Nativity Church on the first working day of each week, August through May, listing upcoming events.

Quick and Easy to Read:

Nativity News contains a list of “non-routine upcoming events” held at the Church of the Nativity. There are no articles, only the event name, time, date(s), and who to contact for more information. The color-coded articles (newly added items are in red) help you can the email. Sample in PDF format


Nativity Church will not share this information with anyone, nor will use this information for other purposes.

Easy Sign up / Unsubscribe:

Option #1: Email the editor of the Nativity News asking to “sign-up” or “unsubscribe” to the newsletter.

Option #2: You can opt-out anytime by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email.

Option #3: Reply Unsubscribe to the Newsletter.

2 Replies to “Nativity News”

  1. Frank LaLonde

    We are in the process of organizing our Christmas Eve Community Celebration. We will be posting information regarding the party sometime later today. You can also check under the mass and other info table and look at our bulletin for information.

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