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Fake Email

Recently, some parishioners and non-parishioners have received emails from a person posing as Fr. Kevin asking them for their help but does not specify the kind of help Fr. Kevin is seeking. Others have received an email asking if they could meet with him, but the email does not specify what the meeting would be about. People who have replied to the email are lead through a series of emails where the person posing as Fr. Kevin eventuallys asks for help getting financial assistance for someone.

If you have received this kind of email, please delete it immediately. If you have replied to the email, do not continue the email conversation with this person. If you have purchased gifts cards or sent money, please contact the police department immediately.

This a scam going through the area. We are aware of at least one other parish where someone is posing as the pastor of that parish making the same request. These emails do not originate from the pastor’s email account, instead, they originate from a fake account created on Gmail or another email provider.

Fr. Kevin (or any member of the parish staff) will never contact you via email requesting financial assistance for a person.

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