Fargo Marathon – May 22

On May 22, Nativity Church will be site for the third relay station for the Fargo Marathon. For those planning to attend our 8:00 am mass, please plan accordingly. The race will not affect our Saturday evening mass at 5:00 pm.

Race set-up will begin around 7:30 am and buses will be arriving sometime after 9:00 am to drop off  the runners who will be participating in the relay. Also people will be using our parking lot for parking so that they can watch the race.

The race will go along the east side of our campus, so you will need to enter and exit via our north entrance.

Thank you for your help in making the runners and guest feel welcome on our grounds.

For more information on the 2010 Fargo Marathon visited – http://www.fargomarathon.com/

[googleMap name=”Nativity Church of Fargo” description=”Nativity Church” width=”550″ height=”550″]1825 11th St S, Fargo ND 58103[/googleMap]

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