Position: Young Adult Coordinator and Youth Ministry Coordinator

(Update: June 25, 2011) We are pleased to announce that the position of Young Adult Coordinator and Youth Ministry Coordinator has been filled. We will be releasing information regarding the person we have hired in the near future as details as finalized.

Three parts:

  1. Short Narrative
  2. Job Description
  3. Nativity Church of Fargo Mission Statement

 Young Adult Coordinator and Youth Ministry Position for Nativity Church

Position available: Young Adult Coordinator, (60%) Youth Ministry Coordinator, (40%), Nativity Church of Fargo, 100% time position, (40 hours a week), (11 months, to begin Fall of  2011). Bachelor’s degree required, experience and knowledge of Vatican II Catholic theology, and excellent communications and technology skills required. Strong musical background is preferred. Please e-mail application letter stating how job qualifications are met via the job description, current resume and three references by Monday, July 18, 2011 to Duane J. Koble, Director of Administration, duanek@nativitycatholicchurch.net.  A complete position description is available at www.nativitycatholicchurch.net or by calling Duane at 701-232-2414, ext. 134.

JOB DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                    Nativity Church of Fargo

Position Title: Full Time Young Adult Coordinator (60%) and Youth Ministry Coordinator (40%). Young Adults, Ages 19-39; High School Grades 9-12; Middle School, Grades 6, 7 & 8.  Emphasis of this position is Young Adult Ministry.

Position Class/Tenure/Labor Standards: Professional/Permanent/Exempt

Reports to: Director of Faith Formation and Nativity Parochial Vicar in whose portfolio this position resides.

Position Schedule: Full Time, 11 months (Fall-2011-June, 40 hours a week). Varied, requires evening and weekend hours. Parish office must be notified of weekly office schedule.

 Position Summary: Responsible for developing a parish based pastoral ministry with young adults (ages 18-39), high school youth (grades 9-12), and middle school youth (grades 6, 7 & 8).  Invite and enable all young adults (married and single) and youth to serve others as they grow in their faith. Provide for middle and high school formal catechesis. Develop close communication with and mutual support from families of youth and collaborate with other community and parish youth organizations. Review parish mission statement, which sets the path for this ministry position.

Salary and Benefits:  Position qualifies for participation in the Diocese of Fargo Lay Employee Pension Plan. Position is eligible for vacation, sick days, and medical coverage as per Nativity Church of Fargo Policies.

Position Responsibilities:

  1. Establish individual relationships with young adults, high school and middle school youth of the parish. Provide formal catechesis and spiritual growth and enrichment for teen faith development.
  2. Guide the young adults and youth to full, conscious, and active participation in the parish through weekend liturgies, ministry, service and outreach, and living the gospel.
  3. Present a written pastoral plan no later than November 1 for young adult and youth ministry events and activities for the year including goals, objectives and strategies.
  4. Formulate Core Team(s) for young adult and youth ministry programs. Be a liaison to the Parish Faith Life Commission.
  5. Conduct as required by the Diocese of Fargo background checks, video acknowledgement and code of conduct on all volunteers before the young adult or youth ministry actual event and activities begins.
  6. Recruit and train small group leaders to facilitate small discussion groups for young adults and youth.
  7. Plan and coordinate educational experiences for young adults and youth through discussions, speakers, peer ministry, small faith sharing groups, and service opportunities.
  8. Coordinate off-campus faith and fun events for young adults and youth ministry.
  9. Vision, develop and implement three seasonal sacramental retreats for parish children (Grades 1-5) and cultivate a Senior High Peer Ministry Team, which would offer a yearly faith retreat for the children. Provide a Vacation Bible School session.
  10. Help recruit youth for the Senior High Choir and work closely with the Youth Choir Director in developing a strong youth music ministry.
  11. Engage youth to take ownership of their parish by inviting them to participate in the liturgy as ushers, greeters, hospitality ministers, altar servers, etc…
  12. Plan, fundraise and coordinate, educate and participate in a youth ministry mission trip as approved.
  13. Organize a parish summer softball team, order t-shirts and recruit coaches as approved.
  14. Communicate young adult and youth ministry activities to the parish through written communications and parish website, Electronic Voice, Parish Newsletter Voice, Nativity News, etc. Attend weekly parish staff meetings.
  15. Assist in coordinating and planning young adult and youth ministry fund raising events.
  16. Further professional and personal growth by participating in workshops and seminars in young adult ministry and youth ministry.
  17. Take part in diocesan young adult and youth ministry meetings representing the parish community.
  18. Offer young adults and youth the opportunity to participate in diocesan, national and international events and experiences as approved.


  1. Experience with and knowledge of Catholic theology.
  2. Bachelor’s degree required.
  3. A strong musical background is preferred.
  4. Provide a CPR certificate, and or receive training by November 1.
  5. Excellent communication and organizational skills.
  6. Able to prepare a budget and oversee its implementation.
  7. Able to organize, prioritize, use technology and communicate by e-mail and other electronic formats. Be open to the parish web page design for the ministry area of young adult and youth ministry
  8. Position requires being an active member and participation in the faith community of Nativity.

 Physical Requirements:

Balancing, Pushing, Lifting, Talking, Walking, Fingering, Hearing/Listening, Seeing/Observing, Physical Stamina

Nativity Church of Fargo
Mission Statement

   Founded in 1960, Nativity Parish began at the dawn of Vatican II, and grew through years of significant change in the understanding of what it means to be Catholic. Finding our identity in the mystery of the Incarnation, we seek to continue bearing God’s love to the world in human form.

    We are a community united by the common bond of baptism and faith. A people diverse in our education, economic stature and spirituality, we are committed to sharing our talents and energies to witness Christ’s presence in the world and to serve the reign of God in the spirit of Vatican II.

    In our ongoing need for conversion, we believe that the needs of the parish are: to build up the spiritual well-being through prayer, sacrament and worship; to develop responsible leadership in the developmental process of our councils; to develop responsible attitudes toward stewardship and social justice; and to promote acceptance and growth within our community through education and evangelization.

    We provide opportunities, which will enable members of the community to know their dignity, talent and responsibility; to embrace God’s presence, power, and love within themselves; and to be confident in their ability to share these gifts with others through ministry.

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